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Jerry W. Jones Art

Artist – Sculptor

Jerry W. Jones

This is a beautiful world we live in. I am awestruck by the design, texture, color and emotion that I see and feel in creation. The raw power of a fast approaching thunderstorm; the constantly changing light and color of an old Tom turkey in full strut; the drama of shape and form of almost anything that throws off a drop shadow. Did I mention color? If I could be outdoors every day, I would. I would walk for days into the wilderness or just sit for hours taking in the beauty of it all. That’s why I like to draw, paint and sculpt wildlife. I like what I see out there and I want to take a piece of it home with me. An old art teacher told me that good art is 90% study of the subject we are trying to capture and 10% drawing, painting, sculpting. To me it is no different from my days prepping for an exam (always last minute and full of desperation). You study, you memorize and you memorize some more. Then you put it down on paper. Art is the same. I study what He has created and I am amazed at the order and diversity. I start out by saying, “Good job, God. But, how did you do that?” Then I try to capture the essence of what He has already produced, first in my heart and my head, then on paper, canvas or in clay. During that process is when “creating” begins. We all have some of the Creator’s nature within us, and my “spark of the Divine” leads me to venture off the natural course as I follow the shapes and colors. When I finish a piece it feels like a small miracle. I can honestly say I’m not sure how I got from “there to here”. I enjoy the moment and then I begin to think to myself, “Not the best you can do, Jones” and I start all over again.

Available Work

Paintings + Drawings

I have spent many years perfecting my style of painting and drawing. Extreme attention to detail is constantly required to create a piece that is truly unique and special


I have created numerous pieces of original artwork throughout my many years of artistry. Although not all originals are available, I do have many unique and original prints up for purchase.


Sculptures are another art form that requires much attention to detail. I painstakingly try to re-create beautiful moments and have them come to life in 3D form.


I’ve had the privilege of sending pieces to clients all over the country, as well as meeting new clients at art shows all over the south. These are a few photos of my pieces inside collector’s homes, as well as some of my personal favorites.

Jerry W. Jones Art


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